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Renegade Mastiffs

Welcome to Renegade Mastiffs.

Our dogs are not just for show, they are members of the family, and all puppies are raised in the home, not in kennels.

We would like to take the time to tell you how we got our first Mastiff, Thunder Sky's Native Dancer, or as we call him Renegade. (Better known to his friends as Rent-a-Wreck.)
Initially, we discussed purchasing an Irish Wolfhound, but then began looking into Mastiffs as well.(We wanted a really big dog, even though Judie wanted and still wants, a Chinese Crested.)
We contacted our local kennel club, for a breeder recommendation and were told that a local breeder had not one, but two litters of puppies available. We called the breeder's and were invited over to meet the dogs. Needless to say, it took us only minutes to climb into the car and head out. When we arrived at the Greaver's home we were greeted by three enormous dog's staring through the fence at us (we weren't sure if they were there to greet us, or eat us) and it was love at first site. Then we got to meet the puppies...
We were invited into the puppies area and Judie sitting down on the grass was immediatley engulfed in puppies, and her heart was lost to the breed.
Three weeks later we brought our boy home, and our lives will happily never be the same.





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